What are the benefits of filming in Ukraine?
We have a large selection of professional models, high-level stylists and make-up artists, beautiful locations and everything you need for filming.
Our studios and services are much cheaper than in Europe and the USA, but we work at the same high level of quality.
Do you have experience working remotely with customers from Europe and the USA?
We worked remotely with clients from all over the world for more than four years and successfully completed more than a hundred of similar projects.
What is the remote shooting workflow?
We start by discussing the shooting details, ideas, recommendations, mood boards, locations, models and budget. When everything is approved, the client sends us his product, if necessary. We take photos and select the best images for final editing. After shooting, in agreement with the client, we send the product back
Do you provide a complete shooting service?
We provide a complete service for the production of photo and video content. We generate ideas and offer talents and locations. Our style and makeup team polish the appearance to a shine, we also shoot and edit materials.
How do you guarantee the timely production of our quality images?
We often work with the largest freelance exchange, Upwork, and have completed about a hundred projects with consistently successful results. Click here to read our customer reviews https://www.upwork.com/fl/ivants
How can we send you our product?
It is best to use express mail services such as DHL, FedEx, EMS, TnT. All of them work in Ukraine.
After shooting, we send products back at the request of the client.
Can I see your models?
Here is a recent list of our fashion models - http://goo.gl/KzbHe3
We can also offer models of any type and age, including children, athletes, the elderly, etc. By the way, animal models are also
How does payment work?
We use several payment methods worldwide, and you can choose the most convenient one, please contact us for more information.
What type of shooting services do you provide?
We shoot for advertising campaigns published in press and on websites. Lifestyle and editorials for magazines and social media, look books, shooting products for Shopify and Amazon, music videos, fashion films and commercials.
Can you also develop ideas?
That's our favorite type of projects! We do develop ideas and scenarios as well as work with yours.
Do you provide editing for images and videos?
We provide fully edited images and videos for our clients.

"Ivan is a true pro, best of the best. Happily hire again, definitely recommended."
Layne Fox, Tarantula AI
"Amazing work!"
Alice Grazi, Alice Lingerie
"Great works as always !! Amazing photoshoot session was made and on a timely basis !!. Ivan has always provided several options and advises throughout the works. Now we are addicted to work with him."
Yousef Alosairi, Mode Outfit
"Ivan did an amazing work for our company. We're based in Paris and even with the distance Ivan responded immediately. Ivan Understand your need. He takes care of everything and find solution to every little problems. He really is professional and respect the deadlines."
Elie Jonas Elmaleh, INFILTRATOR
"If you wanted creative, high quality and professional work, Ivan is the man."
Philip Wong, Scuba Donkey
"Ivan is a true professional. He set up the entire job from casting to preparations and location rental. I gave specific instructions and he followed every step to create awesome content. Highly recommended."
Samer Biladi, Skeleton HD

"We hired Ivan for a nude photoshoot and went to visit him during the shoot in Kiev. Ivan took complete control during the planning phase. He arranged the models, location, MUA, food... everything. The photos are great and in 2018 I am sure we will be doing business again."
Nik De Jong, Cheapass Sunglasses
"This was already our second project with Ivan within two months. Ivan is highly talented, always delivers an absolutely fantastic quality, ensures a quick communication and turnaround of projects.  He also takes ownership of project what we absolutely love when we work together with a freelancer on Upwork. Ivan becomes like an additional team member in your projects and advices  you in the best way. Get Ivan into you team and your projects will fly."
Marcus Wartmann, Julian Matthews Watches
"Ivan continues to be an amazing photographer to work with.  He is very compromising and always produces quality work.  The images were beautiful and made our simple costume jewelry look both expensive and elegant. Super quality work."
Sarah Khan, Lova Jewelry
As we have a lot of photos to be made within the next year I visited Ivan in the Ukraine to see how they working. It was just amazing! The huge team is high professional and straight forward. Ivan went over our expectations and did and awesome and very fast job. Thank you so much Ivan.
Michael Steiger, Bluestein

Ivan is always such a gem to work with.  He is patient, kind, passionate, and creative.  He takes an idea, makes it his own, and the work he produces is truly one of a kind.  He is not just someone here to finish the job and collect.  He is not happy until you are and will always go the extra mile to make sure that you have the best possible work once finished. Even past the completion of work, he makes himself available for anything else you may need.  We have worked on countless projects with Ivan, and he is always well worth it.  You would be missing out if you pass him up.
Gwen Harrison, DigiOrange